Taming your inner critic: how to silence self-limiting beliefs

Taming your inner critic: how to silence self-limiting beliefs

No matter how successful you are, we all have our fair share of self-limiting beliefs.

These little naysayers can be sneaky, capable of sabotaging dreams and robbing us of life’s joys. But it’s possible to break free. Through countless conversations with our clients, we’ve uncovered the top 10 self-limiting beliefs that plague even the most successful among us, and we’re here to show you how to break free from their grip.

So, what exactly is a self-limiting belief? Well, it’s like an old dusty diary you’ve held onto since high school, and it’s filled with outdated, negative notions about yourself. These beliefs, if left unchecked, can turn into a sticky web that prevents you from reaching your full potential.

Picture this: you have a dream, a goal that ignites your passion. But your inner critic, whispers in your ear, “It’s too hard, you’ll never make it.” It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy in the making, and you find yourself saying, “I told you so” to yourself because, deep down, you never truly believed you could in the first place.

To achieve your true prosperity, you must bid adieu to these self-limiting beliefs. Only then can you break free and discover the clarity and confidence that lies within you.

What do self-limiting beliefs sound like?

“I can’t do this.”

Feeling incapable often arises from being overly critical of yourself. You might set impossibly high standards or harbor anxiety about achieving perfection. To conquer this mindset, take a step back and pause. Moments of uncertainty affect everyone, but you can forge ahead. When the notion of “I can’t do this” emerges, counter it with an optimistic affirmation like “I might not know how, but I’ll try.”

“I don’t deserve this.”

This self-deprecating belief can spring from insecurity or feelings of unworthiness. Left unaddressed, it can evolve into self-sabotage. A useful technique is maintaining a list of accomplishments. Our team do this weekly. We’re encouraged to keep reflections of our wins for the week. This way, we make time to look back and acknowledge how far we’ve come. If you have doubt about deserving something, use your list to serve as a reminder of your worthiness.

“I’m not prepared yet.”

Imposter syndrome loves to convince you that you’re a fraud, and that you’re not ready for the big leagues. But here’s the secret: very few people ever feel entirely “prepared” for something new. It’s all about taking baby steps and prioritising action over perfection. Give yourself permission to learn as you go, and remember, imposter syndrome is just a passenger on your journey to greatness – don’t let it drive the car.

“This is too challenging.”

When life throws too much at you, surrendering might seem tempting. But true worth comes from tackling challenges head-on. Whether it’s achieving financial stability, gaining investment knowledge, or picking up a new hobby, dedication is your trusty companion. Remind yourself of your goals and your capacity to conquer any obstacle.

“I don’t have time.”

Raise your hand if you’ve ever said, “I don’t have enough time for [insert aspiration here].” We’ve all been there. But the belief that time is scarce can hinder your personal fulfillment. Here’s the secret: you can make time for what you truly want. Swap out “I don’t have time for this” with “I will create time for this.” Watch how your world opens up.

If you’re ready to shed these restrictive convictions, the tips below can support you to identify and confront them.

  • Recognise the beliefs: When limiting thoughts creep in, write them down somewhere to make note for a little self-reflection.
  • Discover the source: Dig deep into the origins of these beliefs. Are they rooted in past experiences? Understanding their source is the first step to conquering them.
  • Challenge their validity: Question the truth behind these beliefs. Are they as accurate as they seem, or are they just imposters themselves?
  • Practice self-belief: When self-doubt rears its head, repeat those affirmations like your life depends on it. Step out of your comfort zone and act on your newfound, positive beliefs.

In the end, shedding self-limiting beliefs is the key to unlocking your full potential. It’s a journey that empowers you to embrace possibilities, conquer challenges, and live your best life. A life that you deserve. If you’re ready to embrace support, your team is dedicated to helping empower you to make confident decisions.

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