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GAIA’s beginnings can be traced back to the founding of the Asset Class Investors Association (ACIG) in 2004. Seven firms from Australia and New Zealand ran six monthly study group meetings – with each firm taking it in turns to host in their city.

By 2007, the number of firms had grown to eight, and ACIG members took part in a five day study tour of the USA.

In 2014, GAIA was officially formed, with five firms from outside Australasia joining the ACIG members.

In the years since, more firms have been accepted into GAIA, giving us a current total of 20 members around the world. Member firms communicate regularly, share information and insights, and collaborate on key issues such as cybersecurity.

GAIA has traditionally held a much-anticipated annual conference, which includes celebrated guest speakers and upskilling opportunities for attendees. With Covid-19 impacting global travel in recent times, GAIA has hosted several virtual conferences, and our members continue to work collaboratively towards our shared vision of providing the best financial and investment advice to our clients.

GAIA Members

Our History

ACIG formed

ACIG formed with the following firms:

  • Mancell Financial Group
  • Melbourne Private Wealth (changed to APW )
  • Stewart Partners (changed to Lorica Partners )
  • Alman Partners
  • Fowlers Group
  • Stewart Financial Group
  • Bradley Nuttall (now Cambridge Partners)
Added one new member
  • Capital Partners
New Members Added

The following firms joined the founding ACIG firms:

  • BpH
  • Lyra
  • Plancorp
  • PWL became official members
GAIA Formed

The name was changed to the Global Association of Independent Advisors (GAIA).

GAIA officially registered

GAIA officially registered as a membership organisation in Switzerland

Official charter created
Added four new members
  • Paradigm Norton
  • Bloomsbury Wealth
  • Capital Advisors
Added one new member
  • Magus Private Wealth
GAIA Expands
  • AES International joined
  • LYRA split into two firms; Lyra Financial Wealth (Sweden) and Lyra Wealth Management (Switzerland)
Added one new member
  • Tarbox Family Office joined

Membership Enquiries

If you are a financial advisory firm interested in becoming a GAIA member, please contact us.

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