Lyra Financial Wealth



Lyra – independent boutique advice

Lyra was founded with the ambition to offer a credible alternative to the old private banking model. We provide independent advice, without commission and hidden fees with one clear goal: to put the client first. Where others sell services, we sell knowledge. Where others see money, we see dreams. Where others use their gut instinct, we base our decisions on science. We are different, which is exactly our intention.

What we do

What happens in life affects the financial situation, and what happens to the financial situation affects life. Since everything is connected, we look at the client’s situation based on four central areas: the portfolio, the emotions, the finances, and the family.

The Portfolio

Our investment philosophy is firmly rooted in scientific research. We follow evidence, which increases the chances of a positive outcome.

The Emotions

We help our clients draw up a financial business plan, based on their financial situation and their dreams. With the help of the plan, we ensure financial peace of mind in a fluctuating market.

The Finances

Unless every component of the financial situation is in harmony, there is a risk of overall imbalance. As all financial components are linked, our approach is based on the client’s situation as a whole.

The Family

We want our clients’ hard-earned wealth to benefit them and their families for many years to come. We provide the next generation with the knowledge needed to assume the responsibility of inheriting wealth.


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