The benefits of a retirement bucket list

The benefits of a retirement bucket list

There’s nothing new about people motivated to create ‘bucket lists’ to help them focus on achieving their dream goals and experiences. The concept is particularly popular amongst retirees who have the time and resources to pursue their dreams. When you spend so many years working hard and putting your family first, it makes sense to invest in yourself. You deserve to turn your dreams into a reality. After all, we know that the longer we’re away from work, the more important it becomes to pursue activities that fulfil us. Here’s why you deserve to prioritize your bucket list.

Post-work purpose

When the absence of work rolls around, having something to look forward to can be a powerful motivator. Over the years, our team have witnessed the positive side effects of people who break from the monotony and channel their energy into something new and purposeful. We can all resonate with the familiarity of having something to feel excited about. It’s a healthy state to be in. We’re more vibrant and animated, and generally feel more fulfilled. The anticipation of putting a plan into action ensures you’ll be guided by a renewed sense of purpose. Our team encourage you to consider what’s left unchecked, and what a retirement bucket list looks like for you. If you already have one, does it need to be revitalised?

See your goals through

The beauty of a list is that it covers a range of different experiences that could either happen spontaneously or require a great deal of planning.

Barry LaValley, author of So You Think You Are Ready to Retire says that a bucket list can help you achieve goals and explore your own values.  He suggests that a bucket list could include value-based goals (activities that specifically align with your personal values) or SMART goals which are measurable and achievable. You can set goals for anything, from fitness, intellectual growth, creative achievements or social achievements. This way, rather than simply making a list of all the places you’ve ever wanted to visit, you have a framework for a rich and fulfilling life. To kickstart your inspiration, you may find it helpful to go back and look at the Wealth Map you completed with your adviser to pinpoint what you value most.

Clarity on what matters most

Some dreams seem desirable simply because they look exciting when you see other people do them. You tell yourself: “I’ve always wanted to do that” but never actually work towards making the experience a reality. But once you write it down on your bucket list, your perspective can change: do you really want to ride all the way around Australia on a motorbike? Or is it just something that seems thrilling when other people do it?

Writing down goals makes them more tangible and takes us one step further towards achieving them. Once written down, we are more likely to mentally start calculating how to make it happen. This will also help to give you a sense of control and autonomy, rather than wishing to do something, you are deciding to make it possible.
Your bucket list should encourage you to live for the moment while looking forward to the future. Never hesitate to chat with your adviser in order to narrow down your priorities. Ticking items off your list will give you a sense of achievement and a sense of living to the fullest because you are focusing on what you want most. Adding new items to the list will ensure that there is always something new and exciting on the horizon. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are now, so we will always be a champion for you in prioritising yourself.


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