Paradigm Norton Financial Planning



Paradigm Norton is one of the leading financial planning firms in the UK, and exists to help clients articulate and realise the things that are most important to them in life.

Money and financial wealth are not ends in themselves, they are the means of achieving the goals and dreams we hold dear. Small and large, short term or long term, we all have things in life that matter deeply to us and that we’d love to enjoy, experience, and see accomplished. And yet often, our finances and our financial decisions operate in a vacuum, disconnected from those goals and dreams.

Financial planning isn’t just about products and investments, tax rules, and the accumulation of wealth. It’s about what’s uniquely important to you, and the careful application of these things to build a bespoke roadmap to help you achieve them. It’s about bringing your finances and your goals together.

Financial planning is about helping people say: “I’m glad I did . . . ” not “I wish I had . . . “

That’s what we do at Paradigm Norton.


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