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When life changes, money changes.  And when money changes, life changes.  Life transitions are at the heart of what drives our relationship and advice with clients.  We help our clients prepare for, and lead them through, major financial life transitions like retirement planning, a job promotion, an inheritance, the sale of businesses, loss of a spouse or passing wealth to future generations.

When going through or preparing for a transition, it is not planning as usual.  Your assumptions about the future may have changed, or you need to re-examine the role money plays in giving meaning and purpose to your life.

When working with new clients, we find common needs are:

  • Need for clarity, confidence and control over your future
  • Insightful questions and active listening to articulate your issues and goals
  • Concise answers and reassurance.
  • Focus on the big picture, at least initially.
  • Don’t rush into big decisions – we need to slow down and think about the plan before implementing solutions. Sometimes we need to simply keep a client in a safe place until their capacity for clear decision-making is restored.
  • Help prevent regrettable decisions by identifying what you have the bandwidth for – we break down priorities and postpone non-essential decisions – and this is OK!

Our role is to take over what we can for you – we want you to delegate to us.


Because we know financial success is not a knowledge problem, it is an implementation problem.  No matter how motivated or intelligent you may be, there’s a lot that can get in the way of follow-through.  Not just time, but specific learned behaviours and the relationship struggles with money we all experience.  Research has shown at the best of times, only 20% of us are ready to bridge that intention-action gap and make changes we know we need to make.

We bridge the gap between correct knowledge and effective action.  Statistically, adherence is a rare thing.  We vastly enhance the probability.

Giving good, independent advice requires us to do three things:

  1. Understand and harness your motivations and concerns.
  2. Provide you with clear direction on how to reach your goals. A Gallup study on financial security found knowing you have a plan to accomplish your goals has three times the impact on your sense of wellbeing compared to your income level.
  3. Have a plan for dealing with the inevitable obstacles that will crop up along the way. Risk is what you don’t see or think about.  We use our internal Wealth Dashboard to proactively think about a range of obstacles that could upset your plans, and address them.

Collectively, this approach will help you create and realise your life goals.


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