2022 Annual GAIA Member Meeting

We are excited to announce the Annual GAIA Conference will be taking place in Canada this September. Due to Covid, this is the first time we have gathered in person since the Australian/Sydney GAIA Conference in 2019 – there is a palpable sense of anticipation to continue our learning, share best practice, meet up with […]

Promises and fallacies of ESG investing

For the second quarterly gathering of 2022, Lacey Heubel, Head of Responsible Investment at Dimensional, spoke to the group on ESG investing (investing subject to environmental, social and governance factors). ESG investing offers four promises to investors: Higher returns Reduced risks Values alignment and Real-world impact Lacey considered each of these in turn and considered […]

Hybrid work is a trend that is here to stay

Although the most obvious effects of Covid 19 were on people’s health, no one ever guessed the consequences that a pandemic would have on the world of work. The prolonged isolation to which citizens were subjected in various parts of the world caused work from home to become widespread and people’s priorities to change, which, […]

Changing Cultures

February saw the GAIA Members Conference take place virtually, continuing on from the travel constraints of COVID. Members were privileged to be joined by the Chairman of Sewells Business Transformation Specialists, Dr William Holden, who delivered his keynote speech on Changing Cultures. Dr Holden presented why having the right culture is vital to business success […]

Expected Returns and Asset Allocation

The greatest unknown for any investor if what return they can reasonably expect to receive on their investments into the future.  There are an infinite number of variables that can impact investment returns. For example, the graphic below shows the range of returns over different time periods for a portfolio adopted by many Australian investors […]

Certified B Corporations: Building New Companies for a New World

Josefa Monge, executive president of Sistema B in Chile, spoke to GAIA partners to explain what a purpose-driven company is. The ability to overcome traumatic situations is perhaps one of the most surprising attributes of the human being. Resilience is the word that defines this capacity of people, and the covid-19 pandemic has outlined a […]

Advice That Sticks

Advice That Sticks: How to give financial advice that people will follow Dr Moira Somers is a neuropsychologist and financial change expert led a workshop for GAIA members,based on her book, ‘Advice That Sticks: How to give financial advice that people will follow’. As a leading practitioner in the field of financial psychology, a professor […]

Professor Bob Merton

We were very fortunate to have Professor Bob Merton present: Capital Market Assumptions/ Expected Returns to members of GAIA in May 2021. The presentation focused on key aspects of capital market returns, S/D and Sharpe Ratios since 1926. He also compared Expected Returns v S/D of MSCI World to various regions including US, Canada, Switzerland, […]

Money, Happiness and the Future of Advice

Brian Portnoy, Ph.D., CFA, is an expert at simplifying the complex world of money.   He has served as keynote speaker, seminar leader, and coach to thousands of investors on topics ranging from portfolio strategy to the connection between money and happiness.    He is a CFA Charterholder, earned his doctorate at the University of Chicago, and serves […]

2020: A Year of Events

Early on in 2020 as the pandemic spread across the globe, the decision was made to cancel our annual in-person conference, scheduled for June in Montreal, Canada. Thankfully, we were still able to meet virtually and split the conference into 4 sessions running from June through to December, each featuring keynote speakers. True to our […]